ULV Fogger


Available in 2-3 weeks

The EnviroNize ULV Fogger has a wide array of applications, making it one of the most versatile and powerful ULV Foggers on the market. Disinfection | Sterilization: The EnviroNize ULV Fogger enables injection of EnviroNize Anolyte 50 ULV Dry Mist Fog Sanitizer solution to every area of its targeted disinfection. Its small micron droplet nozzle that is adjustable provides for complete coverage and protection against infectious pathogens. Application | Spray: The EnviroNize ULV Fogger is only to be used with EnviroNize Anolyte 50 ULV Dry Mist FOG Sanitizer. The EnviroNize ULV Fogger has a unique ?open | close? valve providing ultimate spraying. The solution flow can easily be adjusted from releasing maximum solution when fully open to a reduced smaller micro flow when only slightly open. The EnviroNize ULV Fogger can also be utilized as a ?blow dryer? when the ?open | close? valve is fully closed. In this setting the EnviroNize ULV Fogger provides quick and immediate blow drying to areas such as electrical components and metals where applied solution should not be exposed over long periods of time. Includes a 3 litre Flush Solution Reservoir – Natural.