Little Critters Picnic Table



A great gift for the nature lovers in your life, or to bring a smile to your own day as you watch the little critters in your yard come flocking to your miniature picnic table. The box includes 1 picnic table (5″h x 7″w x 8.5″d) and a 250g bag of bird seed to get you started.

The Fine Print: Batteries are not required, and small (or large) animals are not included. This is a wooden product, so there may be slivers that could prick you during handling. It’s not a spinning wheel and you’re not Sleeping Beauty, so you should survive. You were warned, so don’t come crying to us if it happens. Management will not be held responsible if you were careless. Handle with the same delicacy that you would give a slightly rabid baby raccoon rustling around in your garbage and you’ll be fine.

If you are still reading the fine print, you should quickly order your miniature picnic table so you can feed the hungry critters. They are waiting.